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 The 10 Founding Members

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An attorney and mediator for 14 years for tribal, state and federal governments, she is a proud mother to an animal Rescue Ranch. She has started seven companies, including a school in Costa Rica. Two of these are non-profits, including the amazing Mending Souls. Her maternal grandmother encouraged her to learn the sewing arts. But it was her supportive classmates, taught by Professor Rose, and their heartfelt creations giving hope to others that inspired Mending Souls. She hopes this non-profit will catch on in every community, world-wide.


Professor rose

The Professor who inspired her students to bond as the Sisterhood that became Mending Souls! Students love her and say: She’s a Badass who will kick your ass…then hold you after class! But she says: My passion is sewing and teaching it! I love all aspects, from basics to creative works of art. My sewing started at an early age when I learned on my grandmother’s treadle machine. I have now been teaching sewing for the past 25 years and been in the retail sewing machine industry for over 22 years. Through my many years of teaching I have met some amazing sewing enthusiasts from all walks of life and across generations of ages. The love of sewing brings us together in friendship and sisterhood that is strong, giving, and caring. I am SEW excited to be involved in Mending Souls where we can do what we love and help others in the process.



She is enjoying retirement on her camel ranch and by pulling all-nighters for charitable causes, like Mending Souls, to make sure the missions are done on schedule. Best in Show of every competition, Pinki has degrees in design, and has run her own textile businesses, created clothing for the stars and has pieces in international museums. She enjoys every story how her textile creations bring joy and encouragement through others’ difficult times.



Enjoying retirement after decades specializing in grant writing and textile paper arts, she is a star designer, as well as our quilting and color expert. She’s always seen making others laugh out loud with her witty observations and social commentary. Her empathy runs deep and has supported numerous charities throughout her life for people and animals, including a Tucson horse rescue.

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Her sisters will tell you she’s a genius engineer that could design an underground prison escape route for you and then beautifully embroider a map on your blanket! But seriously, she has enjoyed sewing, arts and crafts since an early age. Mainly influenced by her maternal grandmother that was an avid seamstress and crafter. Professionally and engineering manager over new technology implementations in mining. Her interest in technology is also evident in her hobbies. Enjoys sewing and crafting using a variety of materials, methods and technologies.

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Full-time caretaker somehow finds time to create deeply meaningful gifts during others’ most difficult times in life. Her out-of-this-world creations are often made with her 10-needle and inspirations from her grandson. This big-hearted sister hosts and opens her home up to many charities. Often seen making others laugh outrageously.



This woman is dynamite in a small package. She refuses to be still in her retirement from mining for 31 years; she is seen being a full-time caretaker for her huge family (whom she loves like ‘mad’ she says) as well as volunteering at high schools for struggling youth. Often seen giving out hugs! She says: Mending Souls is all about helping to make a difference and I want to be a part of that!


We are SEW grateful to our Volunteers! Our **Wall of Volunteers** coming soon; Contact us to join us!

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An all-star educator for over 35 years, she inspired students to change the world for the better and even introduced new Arizona laws on behalf of students state-wide. A proud mother and grandmother, she somehow finds time to contribute to dozens of corporate boards, all the while blessing the world with her quilting and embroidery.



Newly transplanted, she brings experience from working with other nonprofit, textile-art charities. Always giving, always volunteering with a smile, the Sisterhood is lucky to have her here with us.



Our Fearless Leader! Mean Jean is our Cheerleader and Sergeant —often at the same time! She says, “I am an elderly sewer from who all wisdom and experience flows without filters.” Everyone wants to sit at her table for obvious reasons!